Its all about scientificity

Well, I am again here to discuss the most firey topic of today’s scenario…. scientificity and homeopathy…. one of the recent article at Homeopathy Shake-Up Goes Global – Christopher Wanjek – Live Science ( said that ignorance of Homeopath killed a two months old baby. Well again Homeopathy has not failed, it was sheer ignorance, which can be done by anyone, be it Homeopath or Allopath or whatever….

Science and homeopathy has long been remained together, but their exact existence is still a query for most of the macro and microscopic researchers and scientists. For a simple reason that it cannot be judged by naked or microscopic eyes, its existence cannot be challenged. There are subtle sciences beyond materials, whose existence can only be proved not “checked”, likewise is the case of Homeopathy. One can prove it wonderfully at clinical level, by proving that it acts. Now the biggest question is raised… how to standardized the proving and research. This is the most difficult part to achieve, because only on this part depends the outcomes and their utility and application. Doing a research with no or vague motives and without a road map of guidelines will end in bogus and useless work which invites nothing but insult and criticism form every nook and corner of world. The question also doesn’t end here, there is one more aspect associated with it, how many of us are actually interested in these kind of scientific and literary activities? because this is the basic what is expected, if one is not interested and doing some w0rk in compulsion, then we can think of the quality of work.

We can be more simple yet strong! rather than actually proving some unknown theories with proper tools and techniques we can go by simpler means to achieve our goals. I am not denying or speaking against the ultra or nano molecular research in homeopathy, but I am in favor of simple and scientific work. Rather than concentrating fully on molecular theories at this point of time, we can spend some time and finances for the “Clinical Science” or in simpler words “Evidence based Homeopathy” , when magnetism was discovered nobody knew how it attracts iron, but one thing was sure, that “IT ATTRACTS”. It was proved that there is something immaterial and hidden (and which cannot be proved at this point of time) which “exists”. Likewise should be our effort, we can divided our energy and hard work for the scientific, literary and clinical provings.

Its not impossible, but yes difficult to follow the path. The only reason I think is the absence or improper or you can say inadequate guidelines which we are following. I will take an example here, suppose a teacher ask students to write an essay on myself, every kid will write in different words, and difference in count of words. This is individuality, but let us put some guidelines in this, Teacher says to write an essay on myself limiting to 1000 words (for example), to be written in half an hour, on single side of paper. In this case the uniformity will be formatting and count of words which help teachers to check and give proper time of analysis to each and every essay written.

Thus, uniformity in “diversity” is the key of future research. Once protocols and guidelines are set and followed, we can draw some basic conclusions out of them. This will also preserve the integrity of Homoepathy. For example, if I am working on Diabetes mellitus and i have to get the HbA1c done every three months, then it after applying different or single mode of treatment I can judge whether the research is right or not, if one treatment plan doesn’t work or work partially I can switch over to other methods and materials. This is just an example.

We have to go a long way, and to cover this long way we must make pillars, for others to follow the right path.


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  1. Posted by Dr.Athishaya on January 29, 2013 at 13:08

    Indeed very good explanation and thoughts on research in homoeopathy!


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