Question your failures!!!

I will start with one of the quotation Dr Hari Singh quoted during the symposium organized by SBL at Russian center for science on 5th of september 2010. It stated:-

“Question the FAILURES!!!”

Question the SUCESSES TOO!!!”

“The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he is one who asks the right questions”,

the quotation is by Claude Levi-Strauss, and rightly describe the quality of a good researcher and scientist. Many a times we are entangled in spurious questions and answers just to passify the audience or the counter parts. Only few of us have the guts to face the criticism and put forward the requisite of scientist. Its not always you learn from the success but many a time we learn from our failures. The same way Hahnemann did. If he would have been satisfied by his early success and miracles he would have not been walked so far. Till the time he died, he kept thinking about the refinements, alterations for the benefit of this great science, changes, new concepts and many things.

At the symposium there were four speakers who presented well in their stipulated time, and despite have diversity in approaches they all agreed to the common thought…”Homeopathy must be benefited by us, so that we can benefit our fraternity and patients”.. there must be guidelines and approaches with clear indications to which every Homeopathy can agree. I know this is difficult, but not impossible. It will take time for us to grow larger. The fake fight has just begun…”who is right?”…. who is more potent and successful then others?….. “who has more link then others?…..

I will relate one small quote here…. there is quote….“dont question what your country have give you, answer what you have given to your country”, the same goes with our pathy… many a time (or probably most of time, if it is a younger Homeopath) we complain, what Homeopathy has given us… not what we have contributed honestly to this….. the one who contributed honestly are still quoted as stalwarts….. It takes time and energy….

There is another facet of this question or you can say thought… that i will discuss in another entry….. till then…

“Question the FAILURES!!!”

Question the SUCESSES TOO!!!”

and you will see the difference… in your practice and approach……..

Thank you so much for sparing few mins for my thoughts….


-Dr Saurav Arora


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