The Sunset tint.

It was a fine evening when I was sitting at my part-time clinic, and planning for time ahead. I was sitting idle at that time, it has just rained, probably because of that there was no rush today. Buried deep in my thoughts I suddenly realized the sepia tint outside, from sudden darkness of clouds couple of minutes back the sky and houses were glowing like old copper polished with metal polish. It was an amazing scene to cherish, and see. Suddenly I realized it to be language of nature, language of omens and signs (those who have read Alchemist might appreciate it more). The God is the wisest and The Ultimate creator, there is a reason behind everything created and happening each moment. The sepia tint in the sky is an indication to tell us about the glow in the sky when it is happy to pacify the thirst of earth after rain.

The similar kind of glow can be observed before rains or in between rainy seasons when there are shiny clouds, shining like silver in the sky. It seems that they are the soldiers who welcome rain with all the glory and shine, then comes the rainy clouds, not so shining but colored deep and hazy. They are loaded with the happiness (and sometime anger) & vastness. They have in them the secrets, the unknown secrets. And after they have arrived and poured what they were loaded with then we come to know, it’s a gift or punishment of nature. It is not difficult to read their minds, just look at them, and follow the first thought that comes to your mind. It’s all about following your dreams and working hard to wove those dreams to realities. Not all dreams are made true but those made true becomes the realities and those who left becomes the memories.


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