Logical Homeopathy

It is not a matter of wonder that Homoeopathy is existing but is a matter of science and nature’s law which is saving Homoeopathy for centuries to disappear in darkness. For hundred of years it remained in era of darkness, ignored by the brilliant minds. It was in late 1700?s when Hahnemann observed the pattern of nature’s law of cure. To his surprise he went on to uncover its validity and find the real truth. It took him decades to refine and research into the real meaning of Homoeopathy. Today also Hanhnemann is the authority and our master. This all happened because of laborious work and hard efforts which he put in his life time towards Homoeopathy.
Homoeopathy is nothing magical, its logical. Logical only when we are willing to understand the in depths. It’s a human tendency to search for the truth and criticize the unknown. The same thing happens with Homoeopathy also, those who know it cherish it, others feel unhappy. Homoeopathy as we all know is a therapeutic science of symptom similarity discovered some 200 years back. This means that it was present before that also whose examples are written in Organon of Medicine.
Let us go back to the initial publication of Hanhnemann, “Medicine of Experience”, now why I emphasized on experience is because it is related to experience of a judgmental and rational mind. There were no complex investigative modalities at that time in Hanhnemann’s era, it was all based on what you could see, prove and presented in easy words. This is the reason why many of Hahnemann’s theories and writings are still mysterious and loaded with vast experiences and observations of him written in pure language.
It’s a saying that ten people will ten opinions on one thing, this is very obvious with respect to the complexity of human mind. The same goes for the theories and principles of Homoeopathy. We know what is true, but still we express that in different forms and words.

The whole of Hahnemann’s teaching are close to ground realities. He accepted the limitations with the aim that we will learn to cross those after a substantial research. But somewhere this is lacking (what i perceived over these few years being a homeopath), not only we lack in funds and opportunities, but because many of us are not open to new ideas and work. It’s not the question for us, “Does Homoeopathy works?”, but it’s a pressure on us to explain how it works. I know that it is impossible (as now) to explain how it works on cellular and metaphysical level, but we cannot deny the well-known philosophy of ours “EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE”. If some effects are being produced then there must be a stimulus (strong enough then psychological and placebos effects). This we can only observe by contrast (James Krauss in Introduction to Organon of Medicine, 6th edition)… to be continued…

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