What dictionary says:-

1. State or character of being susceptible: susceptibility to disease.

2. Capacity for receiving mental or moral impressions; tendency to be emotionally affected.

3. Susceptibilities, capacities for emotion; feelings: His susceptibilities are easily wounded.


Susceptibility can be defined as the state of susceptible enough to acquire or achieve something.Susceptibility is the tendency of the body to receive impressions. The impressions can be ofhealth, disease and cure. Susceptibility is not always associated with development of diseases. Itis the inherent “sensitivity” with which patient is exposed to various forces, forces of disease andhealth. Susceptibility of an individual doesn’t only depend upon the physical constitution, but isan inherent mechanism which is altered by mental, emotional, psychological, biochemical andphysical levels.
Susceptibility plays vital role in maintenance of various bodily functions, as well as alterationof stated to diseased. Following are some of the factors which are root to susceptibility of anindividual:-
1. Physical constitution

2. Diathesis

3. Mental make up

4. Biochemical reactions of body

5. Emotional quotient

6. Psychological outlook

For a very long time susceptibility was thought to be only an inner phenomenon, whichpredispose us to various diseases. It used to be considered as a separate entity which isresponsible for evil phenomenon and morbid states. When Homoeopathy came in existence andHahnemann elaborated the infalliable laws and basic philosophy of Homoeopathy, it becameclearer day by day that susceptibility is not a local melody or phenomenon. It is a complex arrayof vital force, mind and body. If one is susceptible to a certain group of diseases or morbidstates, he will develop such states and suffer. This power to “affect”, has many roots and manythings add their importance while dealing with such states, for e.g. if an individual is susceptibleto develop diabetes mellitus, he will develop it earlier if exposed to faulty life style such as dietand lack of exercise, overweight or obesity, more of stress, etc. All these factors contribute andaggravate the state susceptible or prone to diabetes mellitus.

We read susceptibility in context of disease, considering that a healthy individual is less or notsusceptible to diseases under normal circumstances. When a fundamental cause, causation ormaintaining factor comes into play, the susceptibility towards disease is increased.


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