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My own Website…

Hello Doctor,

Hope you are in good spirit and health.

I am very glad to present you with my new and first website on Homeopathy: –

This website is not one of the “Big”, “Best” and “Fastest” growing website in Homeopathy, but yes it will be an endeavor to make it the “Best” when it comes to authenticity, data and knowledge which is derived/contributed from authentic sources and Individuals. is dedicated to “Homeopathy”, “Research in Homeopathy” and “Homeopathy as Evidence Based Medicine” and I have tried to make it an open platform for every one of us to contribute and criticize.

Some of the Salient features of this website are:-

Dedicated “Blog” section

Dedicated “Forum” for everyone to participate in

Dedicated section on “Evidence Based Medicine”

Dedicated section on “Research in Homeopathy” and Research Studies published in Homeopathy

E-newsletters published in Homeopathy at One place

Personalized Email and Website Subscription modules

Section for budding authors

Materia Medica Simplified

Clinical tips Section

Alphabetically arranged Homeopathic perspective of diseases and symptom complexes

Alphabetically arranged section on organon


  • You may find few sections under construction, kindly visit the space regularly
  • Your Contributions are highly appreciated and welcome. You will be given due acknowledgement for your contributions.
  • is a platform dedicated to Homeopathy and is incomplete without your criticism.
  • Since I am the programmer, coder and designer of the website, I may have made some mistakes and left few things undone, kindly spare your valuable time and notify the same to me.
  • The website will keep on updating you with the latest information.
  • You can suggest new sections, additions or deletions.
  • Hope to see you soon at
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