Bellis perennis

Bellis p

Key points to remember:-

  • Acts on muscular fibers of the blood-vessels, muscular soreness (applied to almost every part of body), lameness, as if sprained sensation
  • Wrist pains, soreness of back- railway spine (derived from historical instances when people use to have whole back pain after traveling in wooden carts and trains)
  • First remedy in injuries to the deeper tissues, after major surgical work
  • Injuries to nerves, sprains, bruises
  • Like Bryonia- complaints due to cold things when body is heated
  • Extremities.-Joints sore, muscular soreness. Itching on back and flexor surfaces of thighs.
  • Modalities.-Worse, left side; hot bath and warmth of bed;
    before storms; cold bathing; cold wind.
  • Dose.-Tincture to third potency.

Constitutional traits of Bellis perennis:-

  • Suited to people who do excessive physical hardwork eg salesmen, field workers, labourers

Similarity to:

  • Arnica: Rheumatism
  • Arsenic: Restlessness conditions and physical fatigue
  • Staphis: physical and mental exhaustion
  • Hamamelis: nerve injuries and bruises
  • Bryonia: muscular and joint complaints
  • Vanadium(degenerative states)

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