Bryonia alba

bryonia alba

Bryonia alba

Keypoints to remember:-

  • Rheumatism– Muscles related problems, Gout. Pain(s) in body, joints and muscles which is aggravated by motion and better by rest. This modality is a common symptom of weather change in most of the patients.
  • Complaints when warm weathersets in after cold days–> exposure to variation in temperature makes an Individual vunlerable for developing complaints like:-
    • Taking cold easily
    • Increased thirst and desire for cold things thus URTIs develope
  • Drynessin various parts of body may be represented by:
    • Dryness of throat with Cough which is dry in nature, Spasmodic/Paroxysmal and may be attended by Vomitting (especially in children who cannot spit the expectoration out). It may be attended by chest pain on coughing, intercostal neuralgia etc
    • Dryness of mouth:- increased thirst for water and cold things- thus upper respiratory tract infections are very common in this season and in Bryonia
    • Rectum: Constipated stools with inactivity of rectum
    • Dryness in urinary passage: Urinary tract infection
  • Diarrhoea:– This may develope as a result of intolerance to cold things taken by patient, and it is mention in materia medica for this reason only as “In hot weather”.
  • Headache:- with cough and URTIs

Constitutional traits of Bryonia:-

  • Irritability
  • Bad effects of anger and mortification
  • Delirium about business


  • Belladona, Hep Sulph: in seasonal URTIs
  • Ran b:- Pleuritic/Chest complaints as in Intercostal Neuralgia

What after Bryonia as first prescription:

  • Alumina: in constipation
  • Kali-c: residual cough remaining after bry
  • Nux-v: constipation
  • Phos: cough/URTI in children
  • Rhus-t: muscles related problems, bodyache
  • Sulph: constipation, dryness with burning pains, also as a general antipsoric remedy.

Extened information:-

-Habitat: Europe, etc.
-Fresh plant, gathered before inflorescence; Class I.
-Antidotes.-Acon., Camph., Coff., Rhus., Cham., Seneg., Nux vom., Alum., Puls.
-Through the cerebro-spinal nervous system, Bryonia has four special centers of action:
-I.SEROUS MEMBRANES.Rheumatoid Inflammation; Effusions.
-II.MUCOUS MEMBRANES.Arrested Secretions.
-III.MUSCULAR SYSTEM.Rheumatoid Inflammation.
-IV.CIRCULATION.Accelerated. Temperature Elevated.


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