Cactus grandiflorus

cactus g

Cactus g

Cactus grandiflorus
(Night-blooming cereus)


Botanical name: cereus grandiflorus mill
Family: cactaceae.
Synonym: Selenicereus spinulosus
Distribution: Generally hot and stony places of tropical America, also in gardens in India.
History and authority: Allen’s Encyclop. Mat. Med., Vol. II, 321.
Part used: Flowering stem

Prescribed dose: Tincture (best made from flowers), to third attenuation. Higher in nervous palpitation.

Clincal features:

  • It acts chiefly on muscular fibers, hence constriction sensation is felt. The constriction can be prsent in every part of body. The constriction at time gives patient a feeling of Spasmodic pain. This may be the explanation of the famous key note of Cactus- “feeling as if caged”
  • The constriction can be felt in heart, chest, bladder, rectum and vagina (spasmodic dysmenorrhoea)
  • When this constriction is associated with congestion it may produce heart and head symptoms of cacutus
  • Head symtoms: right sided congestive headache, neuralgic in character at times.
  • The mental symptoms produced correspond to those found when there are heart affections, sadness, and melancholy.
  • Hemorrhage with constrictions, periodicity and spasmodic pains as in epistaxic and hemoptysis
  • Cactus is pulseless, panting and prostrated.
  • It may be used in Toxic goitre with cardiac symptoms.

Compare with:-

  • Aconite: palpitations with fear of death and suffocation (of acute origin)
  • Digitalis: heart symptoms because of heart patholgoy, hypertrophies and oedema
  • Gelsemium: palpitations in general with occipital headaches and uneasiness
  • Kalmia: constricting pains arising out of generalized rheumatism
  • Lachesis: Menopausal palpitations with anxiety neurosis.
  • Tab: after effects of tobacco chewing

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