Coleus aromaticus

Coleus aromaticus

Coleus aromaticus

Botanical name: coleus aromaticus benth.
Synonyms: Coleus amboinicus Lour; Coleus crasifolious Benth; Coleus sunanda Blance.
Known: Hindi Patharchur; English: Indian borage.
Family: labiatae
Part used: Leaf
Distribution: Cultivated in gardens of India and Sri Lanka.
History and authority: Ghose; Drugs of Hindoosthan, VIII ed., and 14.
Mother Tincture ø:                                                           Drug strength 1\10
Coleus Aromaticus moist magma containing solids        100 g
Plant moisture 540 ml                                                      640 ml
Strong Alcohol                                                                500 ml
To make one litre of the Mother Tincture

Chemical composition
Sodium Percentage, Alkaloid, Essential oil containing carvacrol present in the herb in small quantities.

Potencies: 2x to contain one part Mother Tincture, four parts Purified water, and five parts Strong Alcohol; 3x and higher with Dispensing Alcohol.
Prescribed dose: Mother tincture, 2x.

Clinical Utility:

  • Gonorrhoea
  • Urinary trouble:
  • Strangury or painful micturition, colic pain,
  • Frequent tendency to urination with strain at stool
  • Sometimes concentrated, viscous urinal discharge with blood (Blumia Odo): hot and trickling urinal discharge; uremia of choleric patient.
  • This drug may be administered in the treatment of strangury and burning sensation of the urethra or ureter due to existence of uric calculus in the urine. This is also useful in excessive discharge of urine or diabetes and strangury of women who have just delivered baby.
  • Uremia
  • Respiratory troubles: Asthma, chronic catarrh
  • Epilepsy


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