Trend of Nosodes Usage in Homeopathic Practice

As homeopathic physicians we use nosodes in our daily practice. Nosodes have become an indispensable part of various cure, palliations and relief. But approach regarding their usage varies and depends upon the philosophy with which they are taught. Keeping this thing in mind a survey has been undertaken on “Trend of Nosodes Usage in Homeopathic Practice” to explore the trends of Nosode usage in clinical practice . The survey is completely online and only takes a minute or two. It can be filled in any internet browser and even using your mobiles.

It is a sincere request you to kindly spare your precious time and fill it online at

Kindly consider sharing this survey with your friends and colleagues, and help me in this exciting venture. Identity of responders will be kept strictly confidential.

Best Regards
Dr. Saurav Arora
BHMS (Delhi), Gold Medalist
Homeopathic Physician and Consultant
Senior Research Fellow, CCRH
Formerly at SHMC/INMAS
Founder: IPRH (
Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Case Studies in Homeopathy (


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